What is a Quinceanera


What is a Quinceanera

We know that many of you already know what is a quinceanera..is all over the TV, Magazines, Posters Etc..

But some of us don’t know what really is a quinceanera of have the wrong idea of what it is for sure, well is really simple and here we will tell you more about what is a quinceanera for you to learn more about it.

What is a Quinceanera

A Quinceanera is the Hispanic heritage of a young girl becoming 15th years old; That means that the quinceanera age is 15 or about to turn fifteen. This is a ceremony that represents the maturity and purity to be before God feeling proud  of maintained her virginity. This is a honor of the parents to present her little daughter to society, family and friends.

Quinceaneras are usually celebrated by a family that comes from a Hispanic- Latino background. A Quinceanera is a big celebration held for the young girl that’s how is called Quinceanera Means fifteen-girl in Spanish.

This Quinceanera celebration is unique and really special because all the family members participate on sponsoring the quinceanera girl’s birthday by helping the parents with the costs buying what ever they can provide of what the quinceanera girl may need for her quinceanera party to be more smoothly.

The sponsoring list is long and all depends on the parents if they are willing to accept the generous help of family and friends; usually the family members and friends offer to be a sponsor for the quinceanera girl. I will attach a link of the quinceanera list of all the things you may need for you to see more or less what she needs.

Now hopefully you can understand a little better on what is a quinceanera and I hope you can experience a wonderful quinceanera.

Be always happy!

Enjoy Planning your Quinceanera 🙂 and learn more about the quinceanera traditions.