Tea bags for Dark Circles


Tea bags for Dark Circles

Is tea bag good for your eyes? Answer Yes!

Don’t waste, drink and recycle 🙂 drink the tea and use the bags. If you have puffy or dark circles you have to use this remedy; or if you just want to rejuvenate your peeps this trick will work too!

Bags of Tea, Of course makes you eyes more vibrant? Yes, Use tea bags for dark circles

If you have puffy under yes.. This is the solution to puffiness make sure to have your tea bags for your fluffiness or dark circles on a sip blog bag and place them on the fridge for 30 min so they can be cold and be more effective.  Leave it on your eyes for 10-15 min usually dermatologist recommend green tea bags but I also have tried chamomile; they contain anti inflammatory agents  that will work the fluid buildup under your eyes. Tea bags for Dark Circles is one of the best tip ever discovered. Try it works wonders! Make sure you leave this on your bottom lid moving it around your eye every few seconds.

Next time don’t throw away those inexpensive tea bags and use them on your advantage to get rid of your dark circles or tired eyes.

Be beautiful Always try your own tea bags for your dark circles and see what type works for you.