Quinceanera Traditions


Quinceanera Traditions
A big Celebration is happening everyday in Mexico and in other Latin American countries. A quinceanera is the biggest celebration for a girl, in transition from childhood to womanhood.

Is an honor to present a 15 yrs. girl  called  “Quinceanera”  to the temple and celebrate her Fifteen birthday (thanks giving Mass).  She usually wears a beautiful long dress with sleeves, a quinceanera dress is as important like a wedding dress. The colors of the dress for the quinceanera are usually very light colors, lilac, pink, peach, baby blue, . gloves, first time high heels, even make up was allowed for the first time. A bouquet of flowers she presents & leaves in the altar before she leaves the temple as a thank you gift to God or the Virgen for giving her 15 good years of healthy life.

She chooses her Padrinos (Godparents) usually a older couple who are the main witnesses of this celebration second to her parents; also she will have the  chambelanes (chamberlains) or/and damas (maids of honor) to accompany her down the temple isle.
For the Chambelanes or damas; the quinceanera must choose fourteen kids (Seven girls-Sevenboys/optional) the total will be fifteen kids including la quinceanera & they must all be under fifteen yrs old too. All friends for the court represents and are witness of the change of the quinceanera, from a girl to a young woman.

When the ceremony begins, thia special mass is dedicated for her therefore the quinceanera seats by herself in a special seat right in the middle of the temple close by Gods altar. During the quinceanera ceremony she will need  her own special cushion to protect her knees when she kneels during the mass. Usually the quinceanera decides what theme color she would like her damas and chambelanes to wear. The Quinceanera traditions are for the padrinos and parents to wear what ever they please; now trends are all in a dress code for padrinos, parents, chambelanes and damas to be all similar for better photography compositions.

The quinceanera traditions are now in days still about the same talking about the padrinos seating and meaning.  The Padrinos they are seating just behind the quinceanera to be the God parents of faith and to assist on what ever she may need at that moment on the mass and on the future, seen like as a second child.The chanbelanes and damas are behind the padrinos; they must stay together so they all can witness the quinceanera. For the seating arrangement, traditionally the church organizer will practice the seating with the quinceanera & family prior to the quinceanera event.

After the church presentation/ Misa is over; one or few of her damas will pass the favors (Recuerdos) to the people who attended the quinceanera mass, meanwhile she delivers the bouquet to the Virgin Mary or Virgin of Guadalupe or to whoever they decide to give it to, on the altar and mass finishes it is time to take some pictures outside the church with family and friends.

After the mass was over the quinceanera traditions was to take pictures with all the family members and friends outside the church, having this large family portraits, now days every quinceanera girl and just part of the family and friends goes to the near by park to take some group pictures, on the meanwhile all the guests go directly to the reception party to have either lunch or dinner; all these it’s followed by a quince bash fiesta de la quinceanera or commonly known as the quinceanera party.

Today la fiesta it is done in a fancy hall; quinceanera traditions usually the place didn’t matter much it was about the meaning behind the quinceanera ritual, it could it be in a ranch, in the neighbors house, in the patio, back in the day the tradition of a quinceanera was to see who had better food, manjares. It didn’t matter much where was the quinceanera  party taking place, always the importance was having good food enough for the guests, favors, vals (waltz) or maybe a live band and some liquor these where the components of a traditional quinceanera.
This quinceanera tradition has being passing from generation to generation; the celebration of a quinceanera has existed for many years and continues to grow.

Now like you have seen todya quinceanera parties are seen and known all over the world on magazines, reality shows, websites etc. Even quince guys “Quinceaneros” are doing a big party for this day too. You go guys! Don’t stay behind; this is similar to a bar mitzvah that huge celebration for the Jewish culture for young man; and for girls it is called bat mitzvah.

The origins of this quinceanera tradition the celebration for quinceanera come from the Aztecs roots in México according from the chronicle of La Historia de Nueva Espana.
Everybody enjoys witnessing a quinceanera o quince celebration or any type of celebration for our young family members.

Regardless of how the quinceanera tradition originated,  we have been passing it over the generations , this celebration of the quinceanera – quinceañera remains as one of the rites of passage that keeps the bonds of the Hispanic family firmly cemented. It always has been the sweet dream to each latina girl waiting 14 years for the big day!

The quinceanera tradition is very important to latino – Hispanic families it has a beautiful meaning behind it and is wonderful to experience the opportunity for the quinceanera or quinceanero to be the shining star in their fifteen birthday.

If one day you have a chance to ask a young lady how was her quinceanera she will respond… It was the best day ever!

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