Quinceanera Terminology

Quinceanera Terminology
Learn commonly used Quinceanera vocabulary and definitions.These terms you will hear them constantly when your plan your Quinceanera celebration.



Quinceanera Terminology

The Honor Escort (Chambelan deĀ Honor):

The honor escort or chambelan de honor, is usually a brother, cousin,friend or even the father of the quinceanera. The honor escort/ chambelan accompany the quinceanera throughout the ceremony and during the reception.

The Court of Honor (Damas &Chambelanes):

Traditionally, the court of honor or corte de honor, constists of seven damas and seven chambelanes. The court of honor is usually made up of the quinceanera’s closest friends and family. The quinceanera court of honor may also inlcude pajes or flowergirls who sprinkle the quinceanera’s path with flower petals.

Sponsors (Padrinos): This tradition is designed to spread the economic burden among the family and close family friends. Each padrino donates cash or volunteers to buy a specific item such as the cake, tiara, photo album, or flowers; whatever they can afford.

Mass/ Misa: A religious church service or misa is usually done in honor of the quinceanera.

Other Important Quinceanera Terms:

Quinceanera= 15th girl
Vestido de Quinceanera = Quinceanera Dress
El Ramo = Quinceanera Flower Bouquet
La Medalla = Medallion/Necklace (Gold)
Los Aretes = Earrings (Gold)
El Anillo = Ring(Gold)
La Esclava = Bracelet (Gold)
Libro de Firmas = Guestbook
El Cojin = Kneeling Pillow
Las Zapatillas = Heel Shoes
Recuerdos = Favors/Keepsakes
La Muneca = Quinceanera Doll
La Corona = Tiara/Crown
El Rosario = Rosary
La Biblia = Bible
Pajes = Flower Girls
Padrino = Sponsor (Male)
Madrina= Sponsor (Female)
Dama= The court of honor (Female)
Chambelan=The court of honor (male)

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