Quinceanera Surprise Dance

Quinceanera Surprise Dance

Is a tradition to have a Quinceanera surprise dance and everyone is waiting for that special moment to see you perform and do something spectacular  and or unique.
Don’t be afraid of doing something you usually don’t do… This is your Quinceanera and  just enjoy the moments of your spot light and show your guests that this is you, and here you are dancing away like a professional dancer ;0)
How to stop being nervous

“Que nervios” Put those Nerviness aside girl. You get nervous because you are afraid of making a mistake and not looking good in front of all your guests; but leave bad thoughts at home that day. Here some tips on how to feel better and not to feel so nervous.
Learn well what you have to do:
Practice makes the teacher. Practice and Practice until you can dance your surprise song by playing the song in your head. This is the key to any dance just remembering all steps on the right time, remember the song and steps, you just do your part. For whatever reason you forget to do a step….Don’t look obvious girl!!! Just do something else and look stress free until you remember what step is next.
Take time to Practice:

The choreographer contract says that she  is only teaching  you 8 times, and maybe you feel that you will have to practice more than 8 times because you feel your crew is not ready; be proactive, just get your dates organized and keep practicing yourselves for the Surprise dance can come out awesome!
Friends those are willing to do what you ask for:

We have seen how some guys and girls are just playing around and don’t want to do what are they supposed to do or just are giving grief to the Choreographer.
A Surprise dance takes time and dedication and if you are having time deducted of your practices…well, you are going to find a not so good coordinated surprise dance and a stressed Quinceanera with a really angry teacher because none of them are looking good 🙂

*Quinceanera, Ask beforehand so you won’t end up pulling your hair. Find out if your friends are willing to be part of your Quinceanera Surprise dance, they have to be listening to your choreographer no matter what age, sex, nationality is your teacher.

Relax and live:

Take a big breath and go for it! Do you still feel nervous…. Don’t look at your guests eyes so you don’t feel that tension to see or thing what are they looking at and all the emotions and anxiety that comes with being stage frighten. Just baila like nobody is watching!!!

Think of this thought…. You already paid the choreographer to teach you and your friends to do your surprise dance, so enjoy every moment to do the best, and you will be proud of yourself and your entire Quinceanera team  for years to come.

*Remember that your entire  Quinceanera experience is only for you  to have wonderful time and memories.

Have a great time planning your Quinceanera Surprise Dance!