Quinceanera Reception Halls

Quinceanera Reception Halls

Today we will talk about how to pick your quinceanera reception hall. It doesn’t matter where you are having it if a back yard, hall, hotel etc. You have to make sure thatfits your entire guest list.

Let’s say that your list is of 200 guests and the hall is for maximum of 150 people..hmmm? Well, this won’t be comfortable for many of your guests and in this case you will have really limited space for your quinceanera dance; you have to admit that usually our Hispanic family tends to invite more guests than expected…(This is true!) lol

Find the right quinceanera reception hall with time, call and make appointmenttogo and see if is big enough or nice and inexpensive…all up to your budget and taste.

Have in mind that renting a quinceanera reception halls that are too big…for example your guest list is of 100 and you geta

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