Quinceanera Planning Tips Make Your Quinceanera Guest List


Quinceanera Planning Tips Make Your Quinceanera Guest List

Dear Quinceanera,

Your quinceanera planning should start here.

Making your guest list now will prevent headaches later. Basically this is what you should be doing first before anything else.

Get your ama and apa to do their list if they have the time if not, help them to make a list of who they/you should invite.

Basically, making your quinceanera guest list will determine mostly everything, this is why:

-You will have more or less a clue on what is the space need it for your quinceanera to accommodate all your guests.

-Now you have a clue or how many guests approximately will attend and know about the amount of food you will buy accordingly to your guest list.

Make a huge listย  of people doesn’t matter how many pages you do, you will break it down later. Brainstorm, think who would be happy to have as guest and who will be happy to be there for you.

Read your list over and over day by day, just to be on the safe side…making sure you didn’t forgot your favorite uncle or madrina of baptism,ย  I am telling you this.. we have seen it that it becomes a big issue to families when they totally forgot the lost relative…you know the rest ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t let this happen to you. ojo!

Making your quinceanera guest list: who to Invite for my quinceanera?

Your Close friends
school friends
family over seas
Damas/ chambelanes and their families
favorite teachers
your landlord * maybe you can get the whole month free, be nice ๐Ÿ˜‰
etc….omg! i ran out of ideas now lol, the point is not to left out anyone.

Tip: Quinceanera, do an RSVP just in case that someone is not going be able to attend..you will save some money. * Tell them is ok, just to send you the gift ๐Ÿ˜‰

Plan your quinceanera with time.