Quinceanera Party Ideas – Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

Quinceanera Party Ideas – Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

These party ideas are good for any occasion for Quinceaneras or Sweet Sixteen birthdays.
Quinceaneras and Sixteen Birthday celebration are about the same, both represents womanhood.

The difference is that Quinceaneras are celebrated by of Hispanics on the girl 15th Birthday (Quinceanera) and 16th Birthdays are celebrated by Caucasians or Hispanic/American.
Independently of what you want to do a “Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteen”, both are all good and both are meaningful parties…of course, one sooner than the other one; maybe you are lucky and you can have both.
Here are some quinceanera party ideas and use them as you please. Don’t forget to add your touch and stretch your imagination.

Quinceanera/SweetSixteen Party Ideas:

candle-lights-planning-a-quinceCandle Lighting Ceremony
The traditional 16th birthday party celebration includes lighting the 16th candles this is for the 16th people that you think are important on your life; you can place your candles on your cake, or 16thpeople holds up each candle and you blow after you say why the person is important for you.
The same you can do on a Quinceanera and make it different as the traditional Quinceanera; add your fifteen candles and do the same process.

Shoe Ceremony

This is normally what you will see on a Quinceanera the shoe ceremony, the quince girl wears a pair of flat shoes on her ceremony and finally on the party before the dance the parents exchange her flat shoes for a nice slippers /heels. This is the symbol ofthetransformation from a girl to a woman.
The same you can do on your Sweet Sixteen; this is a really sweet thing to add on your special occasion. Being like Cinderella.

The-Tiara-PresentationThe Tiara Presentation
The tiara presentation is almost the same like the shoe dance; on this occasion you will exchange the flower that the girl carries on her hair do and replace it for a tiara. This represents the young girl transforming to a responsible princess.
You can do this on your quinceanera or sweet sixteen parties.

This father- daughter dance is very common on quinceaneras and sweet sixteen’s. The birthday girls dance the first song with the dad or male role models that she may look up to.
You can incorporate this dance making it a littlebitdifferent; dancing a waltz first and a surprise dance like a salsa music or rock & roll etc.

chambelanes-danceChambelanes/ Damas Dance
For your quinceanera and your maids of honor, you can have a special dance with all your damas and or chambelanes; maybe if you want to change it to all boys 14 of your best friends, cousins, brothers and exclude maids.
14 Girls cousins, sisters, best friends and exclude boys, or have it mixed 7 boys and 7 girls and you will make the 15 people for your fifteen courts. The mixed crew is most traditional way. Make the best of your dance; learn good moves and a good song so you can give to your guest a great unforgettable surprise!
~ use these quinceanera party ideas
Make it happen, make it your way!
Happy Planning A Quinceanera!