Quinceanera Menus

Quinceanera Menus

Finding the right menu for your Quinceanera may not be that easy, you have to start on your budget. Taking into consideration if is a formal Quinceanera or semi formal or informal….fromthere you will decide what quinceanera menus to chose.

You can decide if you will have waiters to serve each table or having a buffet so everyone can serve themselves.

Getting the buffet is cheaper just because you don’t have to pay all the waiters to serve you….but you must be wise if you get a fancy buffet; almost is the same price of having waiters…take a look of the math correctly.

Chicken is always cheaper that beef; Salads and fruits is always cheaper that fancy called foods.
Pick what is your style of food, see your budget and make choices and changes if you can, all to avoid high costs.
*This tip was given by the Quinceanera planners : http://www.afineevent.com/