Quinceanera Limo Rentals

Limo Transportation Service Tips

Before you call any limo transportation for limo rates you should know these simple questions, for it to be easier on the search.

Know the desired color, style of thelimo, number of guest going in the limo.

Pick the limo transportation style that you want; for example, a (Escalate, SUV Limousine, Hummer, Luxury Limos etc…If not just ask the limo transportation agency what do they have on your characteristics and make sure to have your list in hand.

Write any detail on your notebook for you to look back when you need it to compare the limo rental prices.

Limo Tips What to Know
Each limo rentals has different prices depending on the year and on the vehicle and features too. Some limos offer the bar or champagne, others allow you to provide your own beverages (some areas are alcohol restricted or prohibit.

Remember that you could go and check these limo rentals before hand, so you know in fact what you are renting, what features do they have and what you are paying for.

Following are a few examples of questions you may want to ask of the limo rentals companies…

Howlonghas the limousine company been in business?

Do they have any recent references or letters of recommendation they can provide?
This is up to you if you want or need any recommendations.

How many limousines do they have in their fleet?

What types/colors of limousines are available for your specified date?

What year(s) are their limousines?

Do the vehicles haveair

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