Planning A Quinceanera

Planning a Quinceanera Timeline

Planning a Quinceanera is one of the best things you can ever plan. And you and your family will talk about it all your life!

You are so exited and can’t wait to have your quince party…This is why we added a post on how to begging this process.
We can tell you right now that will take you more than half a year to plan well your Quinceanera. Planning a Quinceanera and of course to be successful, you need time and a great planning skills. Do your quinceaenra timeline.
We are breaking this timeline for you to have an idea on where to start:

1 year before planning a Quinceanera party

  • Decide the date you may want your Quinceanera to be
  • Book the church or pastor
  • Have budget ready or know what the budget is so you can start planning from this step.
  • Look for Quinceanera Halls; remember that you are in search just  like many others are looking for a venue to do a party or a Quinceanera so search with time, is safer.

10 months before

  • Discuss with your parents on who you want for sponsors (padrinos y madrinas)
  • Choose your honor court (damas y chambelanes)
  • Choose if you are having a (chambelan de honor) main chamberlain
  • Make your guest list
  • Find a Choreographer if necessary for any dances, waltz.

6-8 months

  • Practice dance
  • Find your Quinceanera dress(if you are having a dress made find your tailor)
  • What kind of food would you like to have
  • Choose what entertainment do you need or want
  • Book your Quinceanera photographer

4 moths before

  • Choose your invitations
  • Think about your cake; taste and looks
  • Choose your Quinceanera accessories: crown, tiara,earrings

3 months before

  • Order invitations
  • Order cake
  • Choose dress for your damas
  • Choose Tuxedos for your chambelanes
  • Create a ceremony program

2 months before

  • Send invitations
  • Pick up dress
  • Call everyone to make sure they have all right address and times; Photographer etc.

2 weeks before

  • RSVP call who hasn’t sent there: RSVP

1 week before

  • Have a final guest count to know how many people is attending to give this to your caterer. Don’t forget your photographer, DJ, etc
  • Having assigned seats; create your seating chart
  • Call your chambelanes to meet on a place and time
  • Last dancing practice

Have a great time Quinceanera.

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