Planning A Quinceanera On a Budget

Planning A Quinceanera it can be a little difficult if you don’t have the experience on how to plan a party.

Well, here in planning a quinceanera are going to tell you on how to plan your own quinceanera.

If you are in a budget is simple to do this just by making sure you know how much you want to spend. Its not that difficult just make it your own very style.

*Pick your Date and your Theme .

Discuss a possible Quinceanera date. Let’s say that you want your quince party to be on the same week or following week of your birthday (all depends if is a nice season or a nice day; check the weather beforehand just to make sure that wont rain.

* Finding the church as soon you know what day you want your quinceanera to happen.

Have few options to chose from just in case your church is not available for you that day.

* Planning a Quinceanera with a possible Guest List/ Reception Hall

Before finding a reception hall you need to find out more or less what is going to be your guest list.

Chosisng a too small reception hall or too big can impact dramatically on your quinceanera party. Lets say that you will have 150 guest in your list and you have a reception hall limit of 500 it will be too big the room that your guest will be to far from you and the attention will be lost. The same way will happened here, let’s say now you have 200 guest and the reception hall is for 250 people; Now this is too small of a place to get all your guest in a to be comfortable.

* The Time Line: when everything starts and finishes. (From this point depends at what time you find the church)

* Choosing your Royal Court

  1. Finding Your Dress

7 GUYS AND 7 GIRLS FOR YOUR QUINCEANERA. This will be up to you if you want all girls or all boys.

At this point start looking what are they are going to wear; colors, dresses, tux, etc.
Finding the right friends or relatives is a must. Find out that if they can commit to your quinceanera beforehand, to save the date and have parent’s permissions to assist to all your dance rehearsals or event to get their own attire.

* Finding and choosing the Right Choreographer

Having a choreographer for your waltz or surprise parties is all what the quinceaneras are talking about. Depending your personality style it is usually how you will perform; for example you like hip hop and you are good or want to learn a few moves to show your friends and family…well, what are you waiting for, get a choreographer and let him teach you, learn and show off!…This is your day, right! Just practice with time at list 2 months before your quinceanera; to master a dance you need about 3 months to master at perfection.

* Quinceanera Invitations, Reservations (Rsvp), and Thank You Cards.

If you are having all these Quinceanera invitations and cards done make sure you get them all from the same place and if you can at the same time,toavoid any delays or getting any different themes etc.

Sending the Rsvp’s is important so make sure to add your number of guests showing so they can call and confirm instead of sending more postcards..All is up to you and your budget.

Order them 3 to 4 months in advance to have them ready to go and avoid any delays.

Deliver the invitations 6 to 7 weeks before your quinceanera for those guests in town or close by you and around 10 weeks for those guest out of state to give them the perfect time to save the date

* Dont forget your memories and Order your Quinceanera Photographer and Videographer.

Getting a good Videographer and Photographer is the greatest thing after getting the dress. If you don’t have a photographer and videographer how are you going to remember with all the details that went through your quinceanera… yes, it will stay in your mind for ever, but you still need to have those memories to make you remember what a beautifulday…ahhh!

* Decorations and Music

You should remember what your theme is; for example you want to call it Princess, well your theme will be “PRINCESS” so now you need to have something that can relate to princesses or even look like a princess. Have your colors in mind are the best way to go to pick the rest of the decorations according to your theme and color scheme. Planning a quinceanera is easy if you take your time to find all the right things that goes accordingly with your theme.

Well this will be the life of the party. Choosing a good Band or Dj is a must!, especially in the latino community…always looking forward for the dancing to leave the dust on the floor…lol.
Have your personal taste and don’t forget your guests that have different taste, be variable and have everybody happy.

* Food and Drinks
Fining the right menu is all up to your parents/ guardians/padrinos, if any..*Budget.

Getting something simple and delicious wont cost you alot of money, is just finding with time your chef of the restaurant you want to have. Search with time and try samples. Just watch your line. 🙂

HAVE FUN FROM THE BEGINNING OF THIS EXPERIENCE… TILL IT ENDS. This is it! Enjoy your time and enjoy planning a quince you will never ever forget this day YOUR QUINCEANERA..from this point on you will guide your path by following the example of those who are caring about you. Be happy and be You!

Like you see planning a quinceanera is not that difficult but you must really have everything under control. See what is your budget and determine what is most important for you to have.

We recommend afineEvent; nice people that have worked with us on the pass and continue giving the girls a grate help planning their quinceanera and help them to have their dream come true.

Keep up the great Job.
Planning a quinceanera Team.