Planning A Quinceanera For Special Needs

Is beautiful having a quinceanera or sweet sixteen for your special someone make that time memorable, dress up, makeup and take pictures…have fun!

Having a Quinceanera for her is awesome…why?….I tell you why..a Quinceanera is the symbol of life and youth; so lets celebrate life and youth, soon will be passing to womanhood nothing will be the same.

No matter how small or how big your quinceanera is,  the idea is on making your memories the best not letting a year go by you regretting anything.



Special Quinceanera  Checklist

  1. Is she capable of walking what are her capacities or limitations?
  2. Find out if she’s allergic to food or flowers, latex?
  3. What are her favorite foods or special diet?
  4. if possible ask what is their dream party or special requests.
  5. Find out if she’s scared of balloons or any other possible items (noise, camera flash etc)
  6. Check for weather beforehand  Outdoors indoors special accommodations  need it
  7. Get your Budget
  8. Guests list

Is important for you to find out all the details possible before planning a Quinceanera. At times  that special someone will not be able to stay for long in her own Quinceanera party, but the important fact  here  is having a great feeling that we are now celebrating our special someone in a very special way…having just one smile, is priceless.

Happy planning a Quinceanera

Hope to hear from you soon