Outside Party Ideas/Ideas en Hacer Fiesta al Aire Libre

Planning an outside party

* When planning an out an outdoor party it is always important to remember the change of weather (rain, over sun exposure etc) have ready your plan B…just in case for thoseunpredictable months.

* If you are having an outside party it is important to let your guest know where are they going so they won’t be disappointed and be prepared with comfortable shoes; in case you are in your back yard or in the beach, etc.

For example:

Dear guests

Our great Quince Celebration will be at the beach

please bring sandals or comfortable shoes, light clothes

I will see you there…love always, (me)

* Have in mind to have a place or special sitting for the elderly relatives. They may not be comfortable sitting out in the sun for a long time, just be prepared.

* Ouch! … bugs. In the night the little vampires come out & moths etc. Make sure to have a bug repellent lantern.

* Is a must to have the appropriate outlets for your bands, lamps, DJ etc

* Is a must, if you want the party to continue? Contact your local authorities about permits, insurances & restrictions. All these permits are required on publicplaces…Youdon’t want a ticket for a gift, right?

Keep it simple

If you are doing your quinceanera in the park or beach or backyard…don’t worry too much this will end up looking fantastic!, it is simple to do and not that expensive.

Do a casual Quince, why not. Is OK if you wear sandals on the beach….ultimately this is your day and is nothing better than to feel good inwhat

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