No Quinceanera Cake

Quinceanera with no cake!

Have you ever thought why a cake is so important on a Quinceanera?
The cake is almost as important as a dress for the Quinceanera. Not having cake in a Quinceanera reception wouldn’t be a complete quince party, right?
We are trying to answer a girl’s question.
“I am not sure of having a cake for my quince, since I don’t like sweets and maybe I would save money. Need help?”

Dear Friend:
Believe it or not we have heard some Quinceanera say that, “what if we skip the cake part and save the money or use the cash for some other item.”
Dear Quinceanera the answer is yes, you DO need a quinceanera cake!  Taking away the cake of a reception wouldn’t exactly be a traditional Quinceanera, if you are having a Quinceanera it’s because you fully believe in a Quinceanera tradition.
We totally understand if you aren’t into sweets, but remember that you are shearing your beautiful Quinceanera passage to the rest of the world; your guests. Traditionally a Quinceanera cake is the major highlight of the reception.
The cake is usually a fancy cake connected to several tiers; it does not need to be like this for you, you may also get a beautiful simpler cake. Keep in mind that 80% of your guest would be eating cake that night.

Why not shearing your cake with your guest at your Quinceanera, by making their day even sweeter, eating the traditional Quinceanera cake 🙂
If you just wanting to save money well see other items maybe you can trim the guest list or liquor.
Ultimately this is all up to you and your parents,

Think Sweeter & Think Simply.
Planning a