La Quinceanera Film Best Documentary.

La Quinceanera Film Best Documentary

La Quinceanera Film

This movie won the best Documentary award at the Anglus Sdent film Fest. (2007) 41 min. and now in 2012 still receiving great reviews. This is the quinceanera film that everyone should see, has the latino flavor and real life meaning that you should see for your self.

In 2003, filmmaker Adam Taub traveled to the Xico colony in Mexico to record the Quince Años—or 15th birthday celebration—of Ana Maria, the youngest of five daughters (including twins) in a struggling single-parent household.

La Quinceanera film is about Combining family interviews, scenes of daily activities and preparations, and archival clips from previous parties.

La Quinceanera presents an overview of this longstanding tradition from an entirely personal perspective. From the Saturday lessons Ana Maria must attend (during which an instructor outlines adult responsibilities and explains the differences between physical and emotional love) to the history of la familia (mother Lili has been sick, and her absent husband is shunned by the clan due to nonsupport, making oldest son Oscar the patriarch).

La Quinceanera film covers the big day from all sides: practicing with footmen for the party waltz; first eyebrow plucking and pierced ears; the makeup, hair, and dress that transform Ana Maria into a “grown”woman; and the church mass (with a surprise guest) and revelry after.A heartwarming portrait (a scene in which Oscar and the older women serenade Ana Maria on the morning of her quinceanera beautifully captures the family’s devotion)

You can find more information about this great documentary …La Quinceanera Film here. Were is a Young woman is a heart of a Quinceanera.

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