How To Plan A Quinceanera Party

How To Plan A Quinceanera Party

How To Plan A Quinceanera PartyHow To Plan A Quinceanera Party

Planning a Quinceanera party for your daughter is one of the best things you will ever do. She will experience on her teen years the forever wanted dream of living a fairytale of a princess, this time she will live her very own Quinceanera party. She will experience her special celebration and will make her understand the tradition and the meaning behind a quinceaneara.

She is looking forward for this unique day making her feel special that will make her build memories that will last a life time for her and for you.

Don’t forget that this is a tradition that came many decades ago descendant from the Hispanic/ Latino culture that it continues to carry on and that will continue on with you. Your Quinceanera will continue passing to your generations to come and you will continue passing the same traditions and feelings to the teen girls making this a special event called a true Quinceanera Party tradition.

How To Plan A Quinceanera Party
This experience will make you be satisfied on celebrating your daughters Quinceanera.

Planning a Quinceanera party is the best way you can show your daughter how much you care for her by admitting to her growth and allowing more responsibilities for her to handle; Planning a Quinceanera party does not necessarily means to have a expensive Quinceanera party.

Just think of these questions:
If you had a quinceaneara, Will you want your daughter to experience what you experienced on your quince?
If you didn’t have one: Would you like your daughter to have the Quinceanera that you never had?

Of course! Your answer will be yes!! So go for it…making sure you select with time all your padrinos and your church.
I recommend you to do this with 12 months in advance, looking for venues and dresses, limo, photographer, video, invitations etc.

Finding deal packages and compare to the other single vendors; not necessarily those mysterious packages will be cheaper that single vendors…do your homework “Tarea” find the best for you to save your money and maybe you can implement it in other ways.
If you don’t know what to do or where to begin your best bet is to contact a Quinceanera coordinator to help you get your facts straight and she can lead you the right path for less stress.

Here I will include few links from where to start from quinceanera planner-Quinceanera coordinator, from quinceanera checklist and more.