Quinceanera Traditions

is the same a Quinceanera and a Sweet sixteen?

is the same a Quinceanera and a Sweet sixteen? Can I compare a quinceanera to a sweet sixteen..Definitely is a different age group fifteen and sixteen but totally is the same concept of planning. You can get great and unique ideas by searching in a Quinceanera or and a sweet sixteen website and then use these new ideas for your own convenience. A Quinceanera or a sweet sixtee celebration not neces... »


What is a Quinceanera

What is a Quinceanera We know that many of you already know what is a quinceanera..is all over the TV, Magazines, Posters Etc.. But some of us don’t know what really is a quinceanera of have the wrong idea of what it is for sure, well is really simple and here we will tell you more about what is a quinceanera for you to learn more about it. What is a Quinceanera A Quinceanera is the Hispanic... »

Los Vuelos De Ultimo Minuto!

Es necesario invitar a todos los miembros de la familia en tu quinceanera sin dejar excepciones. Si tienes familiares viniendo de México, Centro-America, Suda-America o cualquier otra parte del mundo. Planning »

Quinceanera Party Ideas – Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

Quinceanera Party Ideas – Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas These party ideas are good for any occasion for Quinceaneras or Sweet Sixteen birthdays. Quinceaneras and Sixteen Birthday celebration are about the same, both represents womanhood. The difference is that Quinceaneras are celebrated by of Hispanics on the girl 15th Birthday (Quinceanera) and 16th Birthdays are celebrated by Caucasians or Hi... »

Quinceanera Traditions

Quinceanera Traditions A big Celebration is happening everyday in Mexico and in other Latin American countries. A quinceanera is the biggest celebration for a girl, in transition from childhood to womanhood. Is an honor to present a 15 yrs. girl  called  “Quinceanera”  to the temple and celebrate her Fifteen birthday (thanks giving Mass).  She usually wears a beautiful long dress with ... »

Celebrating Your Quinceanera

Celebrating Your Quinceanera Celebrating your quince it one of the best choices a girl can make in her young life and yet keep the memories for a life time. Celebrating a Quinceanera is now one of the most known celebrations around the world towards our young females. This experience is incredible and exiting for all and it has a lot of meaning to a Quinceanera,her parents and the family. This Qui... »