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Quinceanera List – Padrinos List

Quinceanera List Padrinos list Quinceaneras and their families are always in search for this padrinos list, because the quinceanera  can use it and can pass it down to the prospect padrinos to assist her on her 15th birthday. This quinceanera list will help her more easily find the items that she will be needing for her special quinceanera event, she could ask any of her family and friends to sele... »

How To Plan A Quinceanera Party

How To Plan A Quinceanera Party

How To Plan A Quinceanera Party Planning a Quinceanera party for your daughter is one of the best things you will ever do. She will experience on her teen years the forever wanted dream of living a fairytale of a princess, this time she will live her very own Quinceanera party. She will experience her special celebration and will make her understand the tradition and the meaning behind a quinceane... »

How to Plan a Quinceanera in 4 months or less

How to Plan a Quinceanera in 4 months or less Hello dear Quinceanera, your birth date is in 4 months and you are now running out of time… what to do or where to begin? The best thing to do is not to stress out and get things done. Here are some quick tips on how to plan this quinceanera party as soon as possible. How to Plan a Quinceanera in 4 months or less Quinceanera Church/ Service Make ... »

Planning A Quinceanera For Special Needs

Is beautiful having a quinceanera or sweet sixteen for your special someone make that time memorable, dress up, makeup and take pictures…have fun! Having a Quinceanera for her is awesome…why?….I tell you why..a Quinceanera is the symbol of life and youth; so lets celebrate life and youth, soon will be passing to womanhood nothing will be the same. No matter how small or how big y... »

Como Planear una Quinceanera

Como Planear una Quinceanera

Como Planear una quinceanera. Tip Manten La Calma Quinceanera Tip Con Calma debes de estar calmada cuando planeas una quinceanera o si es tu quinceanera pues debes de estar mas organizada y planeartodo con tiempo. Obtendrás todos tus objetivos que te propongas cuando sabes cómo mantener la calma. Mantenerlacalma es esencial especialmente si es que tu eres la chica de la fiesta. Planea con anticipa... »

Quinceanera Cakes 2012

Quinceanera Cakes 2012

Quinceanera Cakes 2012 A Quinceanera cake is always one of the best features in a quince party. Understanding the different types of cakes is important for you to decide what type of cake to get. Today, we will talk about the new 2012 trend on Quinceanera cakes, independently of what type of bread do you choose or filling. The hottest Quinceanera cakes 2012 icings are butter cream and fondant. But... »

Lista Para Quinceanera

Lista Para Quinceanera Disfruta esta lista para Quinceanera donde te explica que es lo que se necesitara para tu Quinceanera. Aqui incluye de todo tipo de preparativo ojala te sirva. Se feliz y seeficiente con esta lista para quinceanera sin tener que perderte de nada mas. *Esta lista para quinceanera también esta disponible en English.     Lista Para Quinceanera: (Teniendo en mente el e... »

Quinceanera Themes

Quinceanera Themes Hello my dear friends Here it is the list that I promise some of Quinceanera themes. You can come up with great ideas just by letting your imagination go…. Dream to come true! Stay tuned because we will let you know what are the new Quinceanera themes trend of 2011 coming soon here in planningaquinceanera.       Garden Tango Rodeo/Western 80’s Teddy Bears Rich Gir... »

Save Money and Time

Save Money and time – What is the important thing in your quinceanera? We all need to save money and time when it comes the time when WE have to pay, right! Here in planning a Quinceanera are going to tell you one of the secrets of the event planners: by the way thanks to A Fine Event for the Tip 🙂 If you are in a tight budget we have a better solution for you to look up to….the only question that... »

Quinceanera Summer Colors 2011

Quinceanera Summer colors2011. What colors to use in your quinceanera? Looking for a color; summer is here we all know that; why not do a summer out of your Quinceanera…try any of these beautiful colors »

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