Planning a Quinceanera

Quinceanera Planning Tips Make Your Quinceanera Guest List

Quinceanera Planning Tips Make Your Quinceanera Guest List Dear Quinceanera, Your quinceanera planning should start here. Making your guest list now will prevent headaches later. Basically this is what you should be doing first before anything else. Get your ama and apa to do their list if they have the time if not, help them to make a list of who they/you should invite. Basically, making your qui... »

How To Plan A Quinceanera Party

How To Plan A Quinceanera Party

How To Plan A Quinceanera Party Planning a Quinceanera party for your daughter is one of the best things you will ever do. She will experience on her teen years the forever wanted dream of living a fairytale of a princess, this time she will live her very own Quinceanera party. She will experience her special celebration and will make her understand the tradition and the meaning behind a quinceane... »

How to Plan a Quinceanera in 4 months or less

How to Plan a Quinceanera in 4 months or less Hello dear Quinceanera, your birth date is in 4 months and you are now running out of time… what to do or where to begin? The best thing to do is not to stress out and get things done. Here are some quick tips on how to plan this quinceanera party as soon as possible. How to Plan a Quinceanera in 4 months or less Quinceanera Church/ Service Make ... »

Planning A Quinceanera For Special Needs

Is beautiful having a quinceanera or sweet sixteen for your special someone make that time memorable, dress up, makeup and take pictures…have fun! Having a Quinceanera for her is awesome…why?….I tell you why..a Quinceanera is the symbol of life and youth; so lets celebrate life and youth, soon will be passing to womanhood nothing will be the same. No matter how small or how big y... »

Save Money and Time

Save Money and time – What is the important thing in your quinceanera? We all need to save money and time when it comes the time when WE have to pay, right! Here in planning a Quinceanera are going to tell you one of the secrets of the event planners: by the way thanks to A Fine Event for the Tip 🙂 If you are in a tight budget we have a better solution for you to look up to….the only question that... »

Back to The Future -Quinceanera Party Themes

Back to the Future Looking for a Quinceanera Party theme: We can give you more than few tips on what quinceanera theme to use in your Quinceanera party. Today’s party theme is BACK TO THE FUTURE…this Quinceanera party theme is really nice; we will post some pictures of what you can have for your Quinceanera party theme or what to buy, it Is easy if you find the right items. Back to the future can ... »


Quinceanera Planning Checklist

Quinceanera Planning Checklist Hello my friends how are you here it is the list that you requested the ultimate quinceanera Planning checklist. This your own Quinceanera Planning Checklist you can use and plan your quinceanera easier. Enjoy and print it out for you to keep.   Planning a Quinceanera recommends you to have someone you can trust with your quinceanera party.  An Event planner and... »

Planning A Quinceanera On a Budget

Planning A Quinceanera it can be a little difficult if you don’t have the experience on how to plan a party. Well, here in planning a quinceanera are going to tell you on how to plan your own quinceanera. If you are in a budget is simple to do this just by making sure you know how much you want to spend. Its not that difficult just make it your own very style. *Pick your Date and your Theme ... »

Planning A Party..Be Calm!

Planning a quinceanera….Dont Rush and be calm. You will get things done more efficiently when you keep yourself calm, don’t forget this, ever! Even more so if you are planning it yourself. Many »

Planning A Quinceanera

Planning a Quinceanera Timeline Planning a Quinceanera is one of the best things you can ever plan. And you and your family will talk about it all your life! You are so exited and can’t wait to have your quince party…This is why we added a post on how to begging this process. We can tell you right now that will take you more than half a year to plan well your Quinceanera. Planning a Quinceanera an... »