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Planning A Quinceanera For Special Needs

Is beautiful having a quinceanera or sweet sixteen for your special someone make that time memorable, dress up, makeup and take pictures…have fun! Having a Quinceanera for her is awesome…why?….I tell you why..a Quinceanera is the symbol of life and youth; so lets celebrate life and youth, soon will be passing to womanhood nothing will be the same. No matter how small or how big y... »

Quinceanera Surprise Dance

Quinceanera Surprise Dance Is a tradition to have a Quinceanera surprise dance and everyone is waiting for that special moment to see you perform and do something spectacular  and or unique. Don’t be afraid of doing something you usually don’t do… This is your Quinceanera and  just enjoy the moments of your spot light and show your guests that this is you, and here you are dancing away like ... »

Quinceanera Cake Ideas 2012

Looking for the perfect quinceanera Cake?….We have some quinceanera cake ideas for 2012. stay in touch we will be adding more quinceanera cake pictues every week. You can get ideas from each cake you can like the design of one and the top of another cake etc, you can mix and match your own personal cake. Take in consideration your theme and your colors. Ask  your local bakery store if they c... »

No Quinceanera Cake

Quinceanera with no cake! Have you ever thought why a cake is so important on a Quinceanera? The cake is almost as important as a dress for the Quinceanera. Not having cake in a Quinceanera reception wouldn’t be a complete quince party, right? We are trying to answer a girl’s question. “I am not sure of having a cake for my quince, since I don’t like sweets and maybe I would save money. Need help?... »