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Save Money and Time

Save Money and time – What is the important thing in your quinceanera? We all need to save money and time when it comes the time when WE have to pay, right! Here in planning a Quinceanera are going to tell you one of the secrets of the event planners: by the way thanks to A Fine Event for the Tip 🙂 If you are in a tight budget we have a better solution for you to look up to….the only question that... »

Quinceanera Summer Colors 2011

Quinceanera Summer colors2011. What colors to use in your quinceanera? Looking for a color; summer is here we all know that; why not do a summer out of your Quinceanera…try any of these beautiful colors »

Quinceanera Photography Black and White

Quinceanera photography Black and White. Having a professional as your Quinceanera photographer is the best option that your could ever have, this moment will be memorable and is important to get someone that will make you happy on your pictures. Quinceanera photography Try black and white photos We will talk a little on Black and white pictures; this feature ads more depth in your Quinceanera pic... »