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Chambelanes Profesionales – Chambelanes for Rent

Chambelanes profesionales…Chambelanes For Rent. Ya tienes listo todo lo de tu quinceanera: Pastel, recuerdos, misa, centros de mesa…pero que tal tus chambelanes profesionales….Que? que!! Bueno, esta es una moda nueva que se llama Chambelanes for Rent o chambelanes en Renta y esto te da la libertad de poder expresarte de distinta forma con unos chicos que saben bailar y sobretodo están muy co... »

What is a Quinceanera Coordinator or Quinceanera Planner

What is a Quinceanera Coordinator-Quinceanera Planner Do you really need a Quinceanera Coordinator or A Quinceanera Planner? Before we discuss a Day of Quinceanera Coordinator-Quinceanera Planner; Professional term is (Doc) we need to define the difference between an Event Planner – Event Designer verses a Day of Quinceanera Coordinator. The Event Planner or Event Designer within the contrac... »

Quinceanera Reception Halls

Quinceanera Reception Halls Today we will talk about how to pick your quinceanera reception hall. It doesn’t matter where you are having it if a back yard, hall, hotel etc. You have to make sure that »


Quinceanera Planning Checklist

Quinceanera Planning Checklist Hello my friends how are you here it is the list that you requested the ultimate quinceanera Planning checklist. This your own Quinceanera Planning Checklist you can use and plan your quinceanera easier. Enjoy and print it out for you to keep.   Planning a Quinceanera recommends you to have someone you can trust with your quinceanera party.  An Event planner and... »