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Quinceanera Planner

Quinceanera Planner Enjoy this Quinceanera Planner checklist for you to keep and use it to plan your quinceanera. Be happy and efficient, now you can have this free quinceanera list or planner so you can plan your quince party quick and with out missing nothing else. This new quinceanera list is built thinking of you and your family, available on English and Spanish. Lista de Padrinos para la Quin... »

Quinceanera Terminology

Quinceanera Terminology Learn commonly used Quinceanera vocabulary and definitions.These terms you will hear them constantly when your plan your Quinceanera celebration.     Quinceanera Terminology The Honor Escort (Chambelan de Honor): The honor escort or chambelan de honor, is usually a brother, cousin,friend or even the father of the quinceanera. The honor escort/ chambelan accompany ... »

Quinceanera Hairstyles

Enjoy the pictures below and choose your possible quinceanera hairstyles. Picture in your head if these would be the hairstyle that would look great for you. Remember that is important to try yourquinceanera hairstyles before your quinceanera day, go to your beauty salon or call your stylist to do it for you few weeks before; “Try out Quinceanera hairstyles” it is called. Let your stylist to do he... »